"A ship in a harbour is safe,
but that's not what ships are built for"

Pelecanus is dedicated to assisting organizations in the creation and assessment of their risk management, strategy development, and stakeholder management processes. We bring strong expertise to these disciplines from vast experience in these fields in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

We strive to be your strategic partner in these three disciplines.


Pelecanus is the Latin word for pelican. Seafaring birds have served as guides to fishermen and sailors for centuries. As outlined in the Encyclopaedia Brittanica, the pelican "often forages some distance offshore and habitually fishes by plunging from the air". In the same way that pelicans show fishermen where to avoid the risks of the sea and where the valuable schools of fish lie, Pelecanus works with its clients to help them manage risk and, in so doing, uncover the value in their business strategies.

Pelecanus is an acronym for the businesses and the territories which Pelecanus serves:

P Pensions, including annuities
E Employee benefits
L Life insurance and life reinsurance
E Europe
C Canada
U United States