"For the resolute and determined, there is time and opportunity"
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Related Services

1. Strategic Alliances

Pelecanus can work with you to assess the strength of your strategic alliances or create strategic alliances. By partnering with Argonauta Strategic Alliances Consulting Inc., Pelecanus can provide you with the most advanced and experienced professional firm in strategic alliances in the market.

2. Outsourcing

As a by-product of the strategic review which Pelecanus offers, you may wish to consider how certain services can be outsourced. Pelecanus works with third party providers in the fields of investment management and administration to help its clients focus on their core businesses and leave these ancillary fields to experts.

3. Executive Mentoring

Pelecanus can assist your organization in the development of its people. Whether it is through hands-on one-on-one coaching or more in-depth development, Pelecanus can work with you to assess the need and recommend potential options.